Deer Run Dry Pond Stormwater Sewer Improvements

Curb Inlet Catch Basin
Curb Inlet Catch Basin

I would like to take a moment to provide residents with an update on the 2016 Storm System Improvement project involving the Deer Run Dry Pond.


As part of the proposed design, staff will facilitate rear yard catch basin cleaning, investigations and ICD installations at 12 locations on Willow Garden Crescent, Hern Crescent, Westridge Drive, Landswood Way, Caribou Avenue and Carleton Cathcart Street. The Consent to Enter process will be engaged soon and affected home owners will be contacted in the coming month.


The 2016 Storm System Improvement project will include the re-profiling and removal of the downstream orifice in the Deer Run dry pond and the installation of 12 ICDs in rear yard catchbasins. This project is being undertaken to improve the level of service in the area and to mitigate the risk of flooding in the surrounding neighborhoods.


This is great news, particularly following the recent flood measures that have been experienced in some parts of the City. As updates occur, I will be certain to provide them to residents.