Councillor’s View – Flooding Update

Dear Residents,

As most of you are aware, we have experienced significant rainfall in our region over the past couple of weeks. Many residents in Constance Bay, Fitzroy Harbour, Dunrobin, MacLarens Landing, Britannia, and Cumberland have had to either evacuate their homes and or received property damage due to the flooding that has occurred as a result of the rain. The City quickly implemented their emergency response. Now water levels are receding and the City has moved into recovery operations. Even though there is a relief felt across the city that the weather has improved and that the flood water levels are dropping, there is still a long road ahead for clean-up and recovery.

A Flood Recovery Task Force has been established and both short- and long-term plans are being finalized to meet the needs of residents. The majority of staff efforts is beginning to move from emergency response to safety, wellness, clean-up and restoration in the affected communities.

In Stittsville, we were spared massive flooding and loss of property but this doesn’t mean that we went unaffected.  Whether we know people, who are in the flooded areas or whether we heard about the flooding through the media, one can’t help but imagine the stress and sadness that comes from the potential loss that the flood victims have accrued.  At this time, I encourage you to reach out and assist where possible.

If you want to help those affected by the flooding, the Canadian Red Cross (1-800-418-1111) are accepting financial donations and the Salvation Army (1-800-725-2769) is also collecting clothing and household items for those who have been displaced.

For cash donations you can also connect with the Constance Bay Legion Branch 616 (613-832-2082)

It is in challenging times like this that we witness the difference a community can make. From our Emergency Services staff, our Public Health staff, our City Staff, and local residents coming together to place sandbags to hold back water to the businesses that provided free meals and hot drinks; the teamwork and collaboration that we have seen over the last week has been a true demonstration of kindness and support. Thank you to all residents and volunteers from across the City who came together to help during this challenging time.

As I have said many times, “a community is not built on bricks and mortar. It is built by the people”. Thank you.