Overview of Active Development Files

Last week, I was invited by a local real estate office to make a presentation on the developments in Stittsville.  I thought it would be useful to also share this information to the community as it provides a great overview on the active developments in Ward 6 Stittsville.


Stittsville is undergoing a large amount of residential developments as well some mixed use and commercial units as well.  The 2016 estimated population for Stittsville is 32,829 with an estimation of 11,333 households.  To provide perspective, once all the planned developments are undertaken in the ward, the population is expected to reach up to 75,000.


Based on current development applications that are either Active/File Pending or Draft Approved there are approximately 7500 residential units that are planned to be constructed.  These units include low, medium and high density forms of residential development.  In addition, there are also 3 retirement residences that in total will be providing approximately 860 units. In response to the increase in housing there are also new commercial, retail and office spaces that are also proposed.   Included in these development plans are parks, recreation complexes, greenspace, stormwater management, park and rides, new road and transit routes.


To view the presentation of all the Active/File Pending or Draft Approved developments please visit here.


Over the last decades we have seen Stittsville grow and we will continue to experience more growth in the future.  This grows follows the City’s mandate for growth within the urban boundary and the policies that are outlined the Ontario Provincial Policy Statement.


As Councillor for this area, it is my priority to ensure that new growth is designed and constructed properly.  We have definitely experienced growing pains, and to address these issues the City developed the Building Better and Smarter Suburbs initiatives to ensure that we respond and improve upon development issues we have and continue to face.  Development will continue to be one of my top priorities and I will be working to ensure existing residents and new residents are served properly by the City.