Spring and Summer Operations for Public Works and Environmental Services

The Public Works and Environmental Services Department within the City of Ottawa has been hard at work with many things planned for the Spring and Summer.

Roads and Parking Services

Roads and Parking Services operational crews are working to improve spring road conditions by patching potholes on the roadway and will commence grading gravel roads as soon as weather and local conditions permit. Crews also mitigate potential flooding by opening ditches, culverts and catch basins where required.

Staff perform spring and summer maintenance operations including road and sidewalk sweeping, asphalt and concrete repairs and grass cutting along rural roadsides. Spring and summer maintenance activities commence in early spring with lawn reinstatement repairing areas that were confirmed as being damaged by winter operations equipment. Residents aware of locations requiring repair should report them online as soon as possible. Potholes may also be reported online.

Parks, Forestry and Stormwater Services

Spring park maintenance activities commence in mid-April and are usually completed by June 21st, the first day of summer. Once the spring park preparation is complete, ongoing park maintenance services will continue throughout the summer season, including grass cutting, sport field maintenance, litter pickup and seasonal park furniture.

The Invasive Plant Management Strategy includes ongoing mapping of Wild Parsnip infestation levels, public awareness, and herbicide application in select locations. Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a highly destructive wood boring insect, discovered in Ottawa in 2008. In response, crews implement the Council approved response strategy.

Spring tree planting begins the last week of April and runs until mid June, weather permitting. The Tree Inventory Program is as an essential tool to assist in the management of the City’s urban and rural forests. Ongoing tree maintenance activities include removal of dead or unsafe trees, stump removal, tree pruning, assessing storm damage, insect and disease control, and municipal conservation forest maintenance.

Solid Waste Services

Solid Waste Services is responsible for managing the collection of leaf and yard waste and the management of the Yellow Bag Program for small street front businesses. The City also operates several household hazardous waste (HHW) depots, which provide a way for residents to dispose of corrosive, flammable or poisonous materials. Last year, there was an 8% increase in participation and a 16% increase in material collected over 2015 rates. The online ReCollect calendar provides residents with a reminder of their collection day and the type of material scheduled for collection. The Graffiti Management Strategy aims to keep Ottawa graffiti-free through a collaborative approach including education, community empowerment, eradication and enforcement.

Protective Plumbing Devices

A number of City wards deal with the issue of spring flooding. If residents do not have a backwater valve or other protective plumbing device in their home and are interested in having one installed, the City of Ottawa’s Residential Protective Plumbing Program offers a rebate. For more information, please visit www.ottawa.ca/RPPP or contact ProtectivePlumbing@ottawa.ca  For more information on how to maintain a backwater valve, along with additional information about sewer backups and flooding, please visit www.ottawa.ca/flooding.

For information on services or to report an emergency related to operational maintenance, residents are encouraged to call the Contact Centre at 3-1-1 or submit a Service Request online at Service Ottawa.