Spring 2017 Transit Service Changes + Route Renumbering


In preparation of the OC Transpo network’s integration to our upcoming Light Rail Transit, sevice changes have been taking place incrementally to alleviate residents during the adjustment period.


Residents can review the upcoming Spring changes, which will take effect April 23rd, in their entirety by clicking here. Most significant of the changes is the route renumbering which will affect several major routes including the 92 and 96. The complete list is attached here:
Also noted in the adjustments is that the the time of a trip on Route 62 (currently Route 92) and on Route 262 will be adjusted to improve convenience and better match the travel needs of customers in Stittsville. The capacity on Route 261 will be increased with the use of a higher capacity double-decker bus in the afternoon.


This is great news as I have heard concern from some Stittsville residents regarding the capacity of some of Stittsville’s former express routes.


I hope that residents take the time to review these changes so they will not be caught unaware as many changes affect multiple areas of the City as well.