LED Streetlight Conversion Project Update

LEDStreetLight2I would like to take a moment to provide an update on the Light Emitting Diode (LED) Streetlight Conversion Project, one of Council’s approved strategic initiatives supporting the objective of reducing long-term costs through planned investment and staging of diversion and conservation strategies.


The project, initiated in July 2016, is being deployed in accordance with the Street Lighting Preferred Partnership between the City of Ottawa and Energy Ottawa Inc. (“Energy Ottawa”), a subsidiary of Hydro Ottawa.  As of mid March 10,500 of 58,000 streetlight fixtures have been converted to LED technology, and the project is on track to replace over 15,000 streetlight fixtures throughout 2017. All 58,000 fixtures are expected to be converted to LED by the end of 2020.  Conversion of streetlight fixtures to LED provides a number of benefits including:


  • Between 50 per cent and 65 per cent reduction in energy use;
  • 50 per cent reduction in maintenance costs;
  • Improved colour rendering of surroundings which improves safety;
  • Ability to use a more balanced colour temperature for lighting which improves ambiance;
  • Reduction in trespass light and light pollution; and,
  • Controls and monitoring that allow staff to more precisely design lighting, provide daily reports of non-functioning lighting fixtures, and provides more accurate energy tracking and monitoring.


Streetlight LED conversions in 2016 occurred in residential areas in the south, east and west ends of the city. The feedback received by residents during that time was instrumental in validating the use of warm colour temperature (3000K) LED luminaires in residential areas, and utilizing cooler colour temperature (4000K) luminaires in non-residential areas.


The project’s delivery plan for 2017 focuses on converting streetlight fixtures to LED along arterial roadways, followed by those in adjacent residential areas. As arterial roadways require greater lighting levels, they are ideal candidates to be converted early in this project as they provide greater energy savings once converted when compared to those in residential areas. The delivery of the project, as planned by Energy Ottawa and supported by Transportation


For more information on the LED Streetlighting Conversion project, please visit ottawa.ca