Councillor’s View – Canada 150 Maple Tree Grove Project


Dear Residents,


I would like to take a moment to share an exciting project taking place this Spring/Fall in commemoration of Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary.


As announced in the City’s 2017 Council-approved budget, each of the 23 wards within the City of Ottawa will be planting a grove of 150 native Canadian Maple Trees to celebrate one of our Country’s most prominent natural symbols.


The maple leaf has is one of the few national flag emblems of a living entity, as such it has always meant a great deal to me personally as it embodies the living spirit and vitality that comprises our great country of Canada.


Stittsville’s selected location can be found on the pathway link at 46 Beverly Street.


The grove will consist of a combination of 50 Red Maple, 50 Silver Maple, and 50 Sugar Maples and trees will stand at about 5-7 feet tall. Planting should take place before the end of May.


Each grove will be adorned with a stone site marker, engraved to commemorate the 150th anniversary celebrations.


Residents are invited to read more about the project and for your benefit, I have attached a Frequently Asked Questions PDF available here.



For a full list of locations receiving the groves across the City, please visit


I, for one, am thoroughly excited for Stittsville to be a part of this outstanding project and am excited to see the final result of added greenery to our beautiful community once it is complete.