Get Ready for Rail

This week, the City of Ottawa’s Transportation Department launched its official “Ready for Rail” campaign. It is a comprehensive communication, information, and education campaign designed to help residents of Ottawa transition smoothly from using a bus-focused system to using a multimodal transit service and to provide OC Transpo customers with the information they need to ensure the ease and success of their new journey on the O-Train Confederation Line in 2018.

The campaign will use a variety of communications channels and formats to provide key facts and simple “how-to” demonstrations about the new customer journey and new system experience, such as using fare gates and transferring.

OC Transpo wants to be sure that all transit customers are made aware ahead of 2018 of how their transit experiences will change and ensure that they are familiar with features related to the new Light Rail Transit system.

The campaign was developed by focusing on ten communication topics that were derived from the 2018 Multi-Modal Customer Journey project:

  • Frequency of Service
  • Train Capacity and Doors
  • Routes and Stations
  • Automated Fare Gates
  • Ticket Machines with Customer Help Points
  • Fare-paid zones for transaction-free connections
  • Bus, cycling, walking, and riding connections to stations
  • Accessibility Features
  • Safety and security features
  • Ready for rail online travel planner

I hope that residents enjoy the look of the new campaign and find the communications informative and accessible so that by 2018, we will all be “ready for rail”!