GRC + Commemorative Namings at Council


At this week’s City Council meeting, Council approved both commemorative naming proposals for future parks in Stittsville’s Abbottsville Development to be named in honour of Susanna Kemp and Lee Boltwood. The concept plan for the first of these park developments was also released this week. You can read more about that in the next article.


Additionally, I am happy to report that another commemorative naming for the Grace Thompson Meeting Room at the Stittsville Library was passed at this week’s Library Board Meeting.


Honouring outstanding residents in our community is something I feel quite passionately about. I would like to thank the families of these individuals for their role in this process and I look forward to when each named facility is open to our community.


Council also approved the sponsorship naming rights proposal for the Goulbourn Recreational Complex to be renamed Cardel Rec – Goulbourn.


This is similar to what has happened at other City recreation facilities such as the Minto Recreation Complex in Barrhaven or the Richcraft Recreation Complex in Kanata. In order to ensure that our area’s rich historical background remain intact, I did negotiate with City Staff and Cardel Homes to ensure that the name Goulbourn remain a part of the facility’s name.


Cardel Homes will pay the City $600,000 (plus HST) over 15 years to acquire the naming rights. The offer will provide the City with $40,000 (plus HST) annually which will be applied against the Council approved target for sponsorship revenues. The arena, pool, meeting rooms, outdoor fields and other components of the complex will not be affected.


Changes will occur as soon as Cardel is prepared to initiate the launch. I will supply more information on this in my weekly newsletter as it is received.