Doors Open Ottawa

I am happy to share that the City of Ottawa’s fifteenth annual “Doors Open Ottawa” event will be taking place this year on June 3/4*.


Doors Open Ottawa is a free annual architectural event that celebrates our community’s built heritage. It provides residents and visitors a unique opportunity to explore many of Ottawa’s workplaces from the inside and learn about their operations.


This year, over 150 buildings will open their doors to over 80,000 participants. I will be happy to share the official list of participating facilities in my electronic newsletter when it is released but for a taste of what you can enjoy, please visit this list of last year’s entries.


I encourage all residents to save the date and participate in this eye-opening experience. For more information on Doors Open Ottawa, please click here.


*Last week’s column advertised the dates as June 4/5th. Please note the change in date and accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.