Councillor’s View – Lebreton Flats and the Future of the Canadian Tire Centre

Hello Residents,


Prior to this week’s City Council meeting, Mayor Jim Watson formally announced that he will be seeking a mandate from Committee and Council to allow the City of Ottawa to enter into negotiations with RendezVous LeBreton Group (RLG), the National Capital Commission (NCC) and other government partners on the redevelopment of LeBreton Flats.


The decision was made to ensure that the best interests of the City and its taxpayers continue to be represented in the redevelopment of this significant land area, including a more viable transit system, an increase in environmental sustainability and a more prosperous and vibrant core.


In this memo, the Mayor also announced plans to work with the Ottawa Senators organization, businesses, residents, and the City’s West-End councilors including myself to ensure that appropriate options are being developed to help make up for the potential economic loss to Stittsville, Kanata and the West End of Ottawa, should the Canadian Tire Centre be relocated.


While the ongoing project of the Lebreton Flats redevelopment will no doubt become a large contributing milestone in the future of our City, I must confess that losing Stittsville’s own Canadian Tire Centre in its current location would certainly prove to be a disappointing moment for our West-end residents and myself, included.


The Ottawa Senators hockey team is a prominent attraction existing within the West-end area. For many of us, they have become a part of our everyday life and have mutually benefitted our economic foundation.


It is sad to consider losing one of Stittsville’s most beloved landmarks but I do remain optimistic that whatever may eventually occupy the space of the Canadian Tire Centre will be a positive boost to our west-end economy.


I look forward to working with the Mayor, my Councillor colleagues, and the Senators organization going forward and as always, I will happily share any updates with our community as they arise.