Spring Cleaning Items!

As the temperature rises and the snow continues to melt, it is a good sign that spring is in the air. However, with a new season, arrive new matters that we, as community members, can work toward to help one another feel safe and happy.

Pedestrian Crossovers


With the snow melted, roadways are clear and those white recurring lines on the pavement are a definite indication to YIELD for those wishing to cross.


Pedestrian Crossovers (PXOs) are designated areas for pedestrians to cross the street safely from traffic, usually marked by a combination of signage, pavement marking, and even occasionally flashing lights. Drivers and cyclists must stop to let pedestrians know it is safe to pass. Pedestrians should make eye contact with the driver and make an indication to vehicles that they want to cross before entering the roadway. Those failing to stop at a pedestrian crossover will be fined $150-$500 with 3 demerit points.


PXOs in Stittsville are located at Trailway at Moss Hill, West Ridge at Delamere, Huntmar at Rosehill, Robert Grant at Cope, Robert Grant at Bobolink, and Robert Grant at Abbott.


With the nicer weather, more people and kids especially are certain to be outside. It is up to all of us to ensure the safety of our communities.

Slow Down for Us Spring Campaign


As has been done in previous years, I would like to invite residents who are concerned with speeding on their streets to contact my office to request a “Slow Down for Us” sign for their front lawn.


Slow Down for Us is a temporary signage posting campaign organized by Safer Roads Ottawa. It is geared towards drawing attention to and educating motorists on the local residential streets to be aware of children at play. It alerts drivers to be more conscious and responsible to obey the speed limits that are put into place. This program receives enforcement support from the Ottawa Police Service accordingly.


Requests can be emailed to Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca with your name, phone number and house address. For more information, please visit http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/transportation-and-parking/road-safety/slow-down-us.


Doggy Etiquette

While spring is a great time to let your dog run freely in some of the city’s designated off-leash dog parks, they may not be welcomed by all in certain areas such as residential streets or on-leash parks. Many residents may have allergies, young children, or aggressive dogs which react negatively to an off-leash dog’s approach.

In an attempt to ensure that every resident feel safe and comfortable, please limit your dog’s off-leash time to areas where they may play on their own accord.


Additionally, please remember that as a courtesy to all that when you leave the house with your dog to always bring an additional clean-up bag to keep our grass looking fresh and our shoes looking clean. Doggy bags (not the edible kind) should be properly disposed of by either flushing the fecal matter in the toilet at home or in a well secured garbage bag designated for the job. Always be aware of signs indicating “No Animal Waste” as they are usually designated near public rest stops and the smell and bacteria activated on a hot day may cause concerns for health.


A single gram of dog waste contains up to 23 million coliform bacteria, and dog waste can carry many forms of disease that will remain in the soil for years. These bacteria can be carried by rain into storm drains and contaminate many streams and ponds in the area. It is important that residents pick up after their dogs to keep the grass clean and bacteria away.


With the coyote mating season coming to an end, as well as small rodents and animals returning from hibernation it is also important pick up dog waste as to not lure these animals into residential areas. Coyotes and rodents will be attracted to the smell of the feces, so please keep your dogs on a leash and pick up their waste to avoid any unwanted interactions with our neighbours from the forest.


Garbage and Recycling Pickup


Spring is also a great opportunity to de-clutter your house and do some spring cleaning.


A good strategy is to try and coordinate this around your bi-monthly garbage and recycling pick-up days. This is a friendly reminder that garbage and blue box are collected every two weeks, black bins are collected on alternating weeks and green bins are picked up weekly.


To confirm your pickup schedule, you can always visit http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/garbage-and-recycling/garbage#garbage-and-recycling-collection-calendar


You might also be interested in staying tuned for the annual Spring Giveaway Weekend. The event usually takes place in June and is a great opportunity to share those lightly used books, clothes, furniture, etc with those who want them! More information on this will be released closer to the date.