NCC approves Plan for Canada’s Capital, 2017–2067

This week, the National Capital Commission’s (NCC) Board of Directors approved The Plan for Canada’s Capital, 2017–2067. The Plan will be launched officially on May 9, 2017, at a special event at the Shaw Centre, in collaboration with the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce. At 6 pm the same day, the NCC will welcome the public at its Capital Urbanism Lab for a panel discussion on the Plan.


The Plan for Canada’s Capital, 2017–2067, presents a long-term vision for the future of the region. It offers a direction for the Capital’s development to the bicentennial of Confederation and beyond, and a framework for land use and projects that will be implemented on federal land.


This iteration of the Plan for Canada’s Capital is the culmination of a national conversation undertaken over several years around the following key themes:


  • An inclusive and meaningful capital
  • A picturesque and natural capital
  • A thriving and connected