Sanctuary City

This week at Community and Protective Services Committees, the idea of a Sanctuary City was on the agenda for discussion. 29 speakers registered to make their voices heard on the subject and although no specific motion was put on the table, discussion proceeded around the ideology of declaring Ottawa officially safe for undocumented residents to partake in City services including emergency services and health care.


This is a topic that has been circulating for some time since early February and was brought forward by one of my colleagues.


As the notion is understood now, I do still believe that Ottawa, as it stands, is already a welcoming and accepting home to all and that items pertaining immigration status are best left in the hands of the Federal government. Moreover, if we were to proceed with the sanctuary city idea, staff did suggest that there may be possible cost attached. For a culmination of these reasons, I will not be in support of this motion.


That said, I am interested to see how this week’s discussion plays out if/when it transitions into a possible motion that moves to Council.