Councillor’s View – Waste Management

Dear Residents,


There’s been a lot of conversation in the community surrounding the Province of Ontario’s recent decision to allow waste from Quebec to be processed at the waste management facility on Carp Road.


I would like to take a moment to reaffirm my own commitment of opposition to the expansion of the Carp Road landfill. This issue stretches back over a decade and in the year 2017, it is important to recognize that there are better ways to handle waste.


The start of this discussion dates back to 2003 when Waste Management (WM) came to the Province with the proposition of expanding the landfill double in size. Along with the community, I expressed my voice vehemently against this proposal.


In 2006, WM revised their application to the community and to the Province. During the discussion of the proposal, the community of Stittsville stood together to the tune of approximately 1000 residents, attending a meeting at Jean Paul II elementary school to strongly voice their opposition to the proposal. Residents  passionately expressed their concerns in opposition to decisions that negatively impact our environment and directly affect our communities. WM proceeded to do an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the expansion and even during those meetings, there was opposition from the community.


During the EA process, City Council recommended 6 items to be included in the EA that were not accepted by WM.

One of those conditions was the City’s recommendation to not accept waste from outside of Ottawa except for Lanark County. Instead, the EA included that the waste on this site could be accepted from all of Ontario. It is on this basis that WM was granted approval of the EA by the province.


It was last year that WM came back with the proposal to  amend the approved service area to also accept waste from Quebec, particularly the Outaouais, Abitibi-Temiscamingue and Laurentide areas, despite the clear limitations set forth by the EA. The City of Ottawa provided comments in September of 2016 to the Province’s Ministry of Environment expressing our dissatisfaction with the amendment.


I share residents’ frustration in the Province ignoring the conditions of the EA. The industrial, commercial and institutional waste (IC and I) which this landfill will be accepting is under the jurisdiction of the Province. It is important that residents also make sure our MPP, Jack Maclaren, is aware of your concerns as he is your provincial elected representative by emailing him at

I have been in discussions with the City’s legal department as well as the Mayor’s office and the City Solicitor to see what can be done. As the Province’s ruling did not take into account the City’s stance, I felt that it was important that the City stand by our initial decision in opposing the amendment to the EA.

I can now affirm that the City is providing a leave to appeal to the Province. Based on the above decision, the City is reaffirming our position. You can read the entirety of the City Solicitor’s memo to Council here.

As your City Councillor, I have worked intensively on ensuring that our garbage is handled in a way that reflects 21st century ideals. As Sweden and other European countries have shown, waste when looked at as a resource and not a liability can be a revenue generator. In 2009, I even went so far as a tour in Sweden to review their practices which I then reflected in a report to the City’s Planning Committee you can review here.

I am optimistic that the appeal process yields positive results and I will continue to update the community as things progress.