Ontario Summer Student Positions Available


Students still looking for a great summer job have an excellent opportunity to work or intern for the government of Ontario.


Ontario is offering summer employment opportunities to help students develop important skills, gain meaningful experience and learn more about a career in natural resource management.

There are more than 2,000 summer jobs and full-time internships available to young people in over 200 communities across Ontario, including:

  • Stewardship Youth Ranger
  • Park Ranger
  • Aquatic/Wildlife Biologist
  • Assistant Forest Technician
  • Learn to Camp Program Leader
  • Fish and Wildlife Assistant
  • Land Use Planning Assistant
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Assistant
  • Climate Change Research Assistant
  • Wetlands Information Management Assistant

Each job posting deadline is unique so I highly encourage interested parties to look them over before they are gone!

These summer jobs provide meaningful work experience for students, allowing them to play an important role in supporting Ontario’s biodiversity and helping combat climate change by creating habitat for endangered species, evaluating forest health, working in Ontario Parks, supporting policy development and conducting scientific research.


Providing youth with job opportunities is part of Ontario’s plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.


I encourage any residents who are students to look into this great opportunity as it could open an interesting new career path you may not have originally considered.