Councillor’s View – LRT Phase 2 Approved

Dear Residents,


This week at City Council, Council approved the Stage 2 Light Rail Transit (LRT) plan to build rail farther and faster to communities in Ottawa’s east, west, and south corridors.


This is exciting news as it means that LRT will continue to benefit our Ottawa communities not just in the near future but for many future generations to come. Already, there are talks in the air surrounding just what Phase 3 of LRT will entail and our children’s generation growing up in Ottawa will experience a world-class transit system that will hopefully keep public transportation a primary affordable, efficient, and environmentally-conscious means to get around.


The Trillium Line South extension is anticipated to be completed in 2021, the Confederation Line East including Trim by 2022 and the Confederation Line West to Moodie by 2023.


I am especially thrilled at how this extension of Stage 2 to Moodie will benefit our Western communities. It is my hopes that this early shift further west from the previous phase 2 stop of Bayshore will also mean that the communities of Stittsville and Kanata can hope to see LRT sooner than the current 2031 estimated date and as early as 2023.


It is this anticipated surge of West-end ridership that inspired me to present an additional motion to Council this week requesting that a study be conducted for a Moodie Drive Park and Ride. I want to ensure that Stittsville is not ignored for the time being and that hopefully a Park and Ride at Moodie will encourage residents in the West to demonstrate to the City just how high of a demand there is to extend our transit service further West.


As we all know, populations are growing at an exponential rate in our communities with Stittsville’s population expected to double within the next few decades. It is essential that we build LRT with these projections in mind and plan a transit service which will be able to accommodate those needs and alleviate vehicular traffic before it becomes too difficult to manage.


Several related infrastructure works, such as widening of Highway 417 between Highway 416 and Maitland Avenue, are being bundled with Stage 2. This will improve construction integration, reduce detours, save money and reduce impacts to the community.


I will continue to investigate possible ideas to benefit our residents including additional Park and Ride feasible locations and invite any thoughts regarding the LRT project and Stittsville’s transit service be emailed to me at