Stittsville Planning Primer – Coming Soon

The presentation made at Planning Committee that I provided in the previous story provides a good overview of the Planning Department and growth in the City.  In Stittsville we are one of the fastest growing areas of the City with many development applications on the go.  I am frequently posting information regarding development projects in Stittsville to keep the community informed of what is being planned in the community.  The development application process is a large area of work that involves my office and the involvement by the community is also very important.


I feel it is important to share general information on the planning process with residents and also information on the topics and issues that we face in Stittsville with development. I am working with the Planning Department to host a Planning Primer in Stittsville in April for community associations and residents.  These programs are very useful and contain a large amount of valuable information.  I have requested that one be held in Stittsville so it is more accessible to residents and it will also be focused on the type of development we are experiencing in our community.


Stay tuned for more information in my eNewsletter. You can also review information the City has presented at other Planning Primers by searching ‘planning primer’ at or my visit the website directly at .