Planning Committee Sees Signs of Economic Growth

This week, the City’s Planning Committee heard that, in 2016, Ottawa experienced an 18-per-cent increase in applications over the previous year – an indication of positive economic growth.


The figure was part of Planning Services’ 2016 Year-End report and 2017/2018 Work Program. City staff presented highlights of 2016 achievements, emphasizing the progress that Planning Services has continued to make on achieving the 2015-2018 work program developed for this Term of Council.


Planning Services received 1,002 applications last year – a 26-per-cent increase over 2014 (795 applications) and an 18-per-cent increase over 2015 (848 applications). That figure includes double the amount of Plans of Subdivision and a record number of Front-Ending Agreements, but, despite the increase, Planning Services was still able to meet Council-approved timelines at a comparable rate to previous years.


I highly encourage residents to review the entire presentation, which can be viewed here,  as I find it to be a high quality and visually stimulating way to analyze some of the highlights in Planning for the 2016 year. Please note that some browsers have been experiencing trouble viewing portions of the presentation.