LRT Interactive Information Session Recap


This week, a special Stage 2 LRT Public Information Session took place at Ottawa’s City Hall with an online interactive feature simultaneously taking place on the City of Ottawa’s Facebook page live.


I am happy to share the news that the event had good participation across the board with approximately 40 resident questions asked with an almost equal split between from City Hall, the Satellite viewing party at the Hunt-Club Riverside Park Community Centre, and Facebook Live.


Some early audience analytic results show some useful numbers which I am happy to share with you:


  • Facebook considers views more than 10 seconds as an indicator as how engaged the viewer will be, and whether they will continue to watch more. There were more than 1,300 people who watched longer than 10 seconds.  Overall, there were more than 3,200 people watched a portion of the broadcast.
  • On Youtube there are now well over 600 views.
  • The average length of time people viewed the session on Youtube was 19 minutes
  • Approximately 80 residents attended one of the two physical locations
  • There were 40 questions answered.  When it comes to whether the questions were posed on facebook, at City Hall or at the Satellite location, there was a nearly perfect equal split between the three.


I think this has been a successful trial at a new type of information service deliver as overall, this means that a significant number of residents who would not normally have had the opportunity to participate in an information session were provided the opportunity to take part, whether this was by watching a portion of the video, engaging with City staff, asking questions or receiving responses in real time.


If you have not had the chance to watch the broadcast, or if you would like to share it, it is available to watch on the City’s facebook page in English and French and on the City’s Youtube channel.