The Keg Steakhouse Revised Plans


I have received revised plans for the proposed Keg Restaurant located at 15 Huntmar Drive at the northwest corner of the Huntmar Drive and Hazeldean Road intersection. The site is vacant and has an area of 7,360 m2 with 80.17 m of frontage on Huntmar Drive and 72.39 m on Hazeldean Road.  Right in-right-out vehicle accesses are proposed from Huntmar Drive and Hazeldean Road.


I have been advised that the intention is for construction to begin by April 15th with the goal of opening the restaurant by the 30th of November. This is a best estimate and is dependent on finalizing approvals and permits.


Below is a highlight of the changes:


  • The entrance to the building has moved from back of the building to the front and now has direct access to Hazeldean Road.
  • A pedestrian node (with bench) has been added to Hazeldean Road near the entrance of the building.
  • The building footprint and elevation along Hazeldean Road (considered the front) needed to be lengthened to comply with zoning provisions of Arterial Mainstreet Zone, which requires a minimum of 50% of the lot width within 3 metres of the front lot line, to be occupied by building walls. This change also resulted in a reconfiguration of the patio. The applicant considered moving the patio to the corner of Hazeldean and Huntmar but opted not to due to noise concerns impacting the dining experience and operational issues.
  • Additional windows (glazing) have been added along Hazeldean.
  • There have been a minor reconfiguration of parking area.
  • Extra accessible parking spaces have been added near the door along with a drop off area
  • Additional landscaping has been added within parking area and abutting building.
  • Street trees have been added to Huntmar Drive right-of-way.

Please click below for:

Revised Site Plan

Revised Landscape Plan

Revised Elevations

For more information please contact my office and City Planner Mike Schmidt at or 613-580-2424 x13431.