Council Approves Stittsville Commemorative Naming Proposals – Provide Your Comments on Others Before March 8th

This week, City Council approved two commemorative naming proposals for Stittsville, recognizing two Stittsville residents for outstanding community service.

I am happy to announce that the Bell Memorial Park at 1751 Stittsville Main Street will be renamed “W.J. Bell Rotary Peace Park,” and a future park at 5970 Fernbank Road will be named “Silas Bradley Park.”

This is great news for our community in celebrating our rich history. It is my hopes that both of these parks will inspire others to continue being outstanding members of our community from youth onward for many generations to come.

For more information on these two residents and their contributions to our community, please click here.

Please also do not forget to provide comments for four other commemorative naming proposals within our ward. These proposals are:

  • Mary Durling Park (formerly Cypress Gardens Park) located at 33 Elm (Brae) Crescent,
  • Lee Boltwood Park and Susanna Kemp Park to be located at future parks in the Abbottsville Development, and
  • The Grace Thompson Meeting Room at the Stittsville Library.

Each application is undergoing a 30 day consultation period and pending committee approval, will then be presented to the Community and Protective Services Committee and City Council for final approval with the exception of the Grace Thompson Meeting Room which will be presented to the Ottawa Public Library Board meeting for final approval following consultation period. Comments are accepted online and must be received no later than March 8th, 2017. To submit your comments and to review biographies of the individuals being commemorated, please visit the City of Ottawa website here.