Community and Protective Services Committee receives update on the new Vehicle-for-Hire By-law


This week, the City’s Community and Protective Services Committee (CPSC) received a quarterly update on the new Vehicle-for-Hire By-law, which began to take effect on September 30, 2016.


Council requested with Uber and other PTC companies.


City council set various requirements for app-based Private Transport Companies (PTCs) such as Uber, last summer and focused on placing public safety, accessibility, and consumer protection at the center of their priorities.


The Committee heard that the one PTC which has become licensed under the Vehicle-for-Hire By-law, Uber Canada, has been compliant with the various requirements of the by-law in the three months following its enactment and will receive another update at the six-month mark.


As member of the Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC), I also took this opportunity to inquire as to the status of an accessibility agreement to ensure that proper accommodation with vehicles-for-hire are provided to those who need them.


I was advised that negotiations with the PTC are going well but the agreement is still being worked on and will be reported back to CPSC once it is completed and signed. Once that is done, I look forward to working with the AAC to see how any dollars funded as a result of the agreement are to be re-invested into accessible transportation and transit within the City.