Please Email Concerns to My Office


I would like to take a moment to remind residents that in order to best serve you, the primary way is, and always will be, by sending me an email at


Social media is a wonderful tool. It’s great to see communities of Stittsville communicating on Facebook or Twitter and I enjoy having it as another resource to investigate what is happening in our community.


Unfortunately, I do not have the capacity to rely on these pages as a resource for addressing constituent concerns. As some groups have become very popular, sometimes I may miss City questions that are raised. Additionally, if an item requires immediate action, it is best to report it directly to me and the City.


I encourage everyone to please email me at with any comments, questions or concerns that you have and encourage others in the community to do the same so I can keep track of inquiries and also provide responses from appropriate City staff as efficiently as possible.


Updates on major items in the community will be posted through my email community eNewsletter which I encourage everyone to receive by joining my email list – .


If your concern is a general City issue (i.e. garbage pickup, snow removal, potholes) you can also report it directly to the City to receive prompt follow up reporting it at or by emailing Reporting it directly to the City creates a service ticket and will ensure a prompter response than if it were forwarded from my office. However, if you are not satisfied with the response from the City, I do encourage you to contact me directly with your service request number and I can follow up with City staff.