Stittsville Street Renaming Date of Implementation


This week, I received an update from City staff handling the Stittsville Street Renaming project.


As you may know, last year, five Stittsville streets were required to undergo changes due to duplicate and similar sounding names since amalgamation with the City of Ottawa in 2001. Because of the public safety risk this poses with Ottawa’s Emergency Services, the Street Renaming Project was implemented to reconcile these challenges.


Names were suggested by members of the community and voted on by households living on the affected streets. The results were published in my November 4th electronic newsletter and on my website available here.


Now, an official date has been released as to when these changes should take effect.


On March 13th, residents of Bell, Elm, Goulbourn, and Meadowland will see their street signs changed.


Bell St (from Stittsville Main-Norway Spruce) will become Bobcat Way, Bell St (from Norway Spruce-West Ridge) will become Snowberry Way, Elm St will become Brae Crescent, Goulbourn St will become Henry Goulburn Way, and Meadowland Way will become Turtleback Way. Long Meadow Way will retain its name but undergo a civic number change to the 900-series (ex: 23 Long Meadow Way becomes 923 Long Meadow Way). More instructions as to this procedure will be included in the mailed notice.


Notices to the affected residents will be sent out mid-February. Of course, should residents have any questions, I encourage you to contact me and City staff, Rebecca Anderson, at and