Potter’s Key Blasting Reminder


My office has received a couple of inquiries regarding the construction activity and blasting taking place for the Potter’s Key development along Hazeldean Road beside the Jackson Trails Plaza.

Minto Homes held a Construction Information session for residents on January 11th at the Johnny Leroux Community Center. Notices regarding this meeting were delivered by Minto to the residents in Jackson Trails and Echowoods. In addition my office also sent out a notification of this meeting through my weekly e-newsletter to ensure that all residents of the Stittsville community were aware and had the opportunity to participate.


Attendees at the public information session had the opportunity to ask questions to Minto and their construction contractors regarding upcoming construction activities at the Potter’s Key development.  The discussion from the meeting was reported on by John Curry in the Stittsville Newspaper in the January 19th edition.


Minto Homes delivered a pre-blast survey letter, prior to the blasting activity, to homes that are within the influence zone of the blasting activities. According to Provincial and City regulation the survey is only carried out for residents within the 75 meter radius of the blasting occurrence. In addition to this vibration monitoring stations are set up to detect vibrating occurrence outside of the 75 meter range.

Potter’s Key construction schedule is as follows:

  • Rock Removal – January 15th– March 30th, 2017
  • Rock Crushing – April – June 30th, 2017
  • Servicing (Sewers & Roads) – February – December 2017 (entire subdivision)
  • House Construction – August 2017 to December 2019
  • First Homeowner Moved-In – March 2018

For more information you may contact my office or visit my web site at www.shadqadri.com . You are also welcome to contact the Minto Communities Construction Manager, Jean-Michel Le Blanc at jleblanc@minto.com, 613-782-5717. In addition you can reach out to Domenic Idone as the secondary contact for Minto at didone@minto.com  or 613-786-7922.