Stittsville Girl Looking to Community to Fund Spinal-Cord Surgery


I would like to share the story of a young Stittsville girl who is currently battling cerebral palsy and trying to raise funds for an expensive spinal-cord surgery.


Lamitta El-Roz is a six-year-old who loves sports, music, and the world around her. She was born with some brain damage at birth with numerous other medical complications along the way including kidney stones, anxiety, and asthma.


That said, Lamitta wants to walk.


Her doctor believes Lamitta qualifies for selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery but it’s an expensive procedure and it isn’t available in Canada.


The total cost including the actual surgery, accommodation, subsequent operations, and physiotherapy comes to between $100,000 and $120,000.


As such, I would like to encourage residents to take an opportunity to donate to Lamitta’s surgery here. You can also follow Lamitta’s progress on Facebook.


I would like to send my best wishes to Lamitta’s family and a thank you to every organizer working toward putting the fundraiser together. Good luck as you move forward in this difficult time.