Councillor’s View – State of the City and Building to the Future

Dear residents,


This week at City Council, Mayor Jim Watson gave his sixth annual “State of the City” address. The speech outlined not only the City of Ottawa’s progress from 2016 to where we are today, but future steps toward where Ottawa will be heading this new year.


Mayor Watson utilized his extensive speech to discuss a wide range of topics including the incredible achievements of Ottawa’s iconic sports teams: The Ottawa Champions Baseball team, the Ottawa Redblacks Football team, and the Ottawa Senators Hockey team; the City’s continuing commitment in preparing for light rail transit as building operations progress across the city; and the City’s influence on a national scale such as the 2000 Syrian refugees and contributions totalling $128,000 for the families that had fallen victim to the tragedy at Fort McMurray.


He even took the time to address some of the standout moments from our Ottawa police, paramedic, and fire services, providing some specific examples of exemplary service to the residents of our community.


On behalf of the Board of Health, I would also like to thank Mayor Watson for his recognition of the hard work conducted by Ottawa Public Health throughout this past year, particularly on the matters of high-risk Opioids such as Fentanyl. As Chair of the Board of Health, I would also like to send my congratulations on behalf of my colleagues to Ottawa Public Health for their continued commitment to spreading public awareness of this dangerous drug to ensure that residents of Ottawa can remain safe and healthy for many years to come.


I entirely agree that 2017 is going to be a year to remember for residents of Ottawa and would also like to send my thanks to all of you for remembering just what it is that makes us such a great City to live in.


With the recent rise of heavy technology based companies in Ottawa, we are now becoming technology leaders in upcoming developments of a 5G cellular network and autonomous vehicles. It is important that we appreciate the increased amount of jobs in this market and to recognize what it means for Ottawa to become a more future-oriented community.


And as Canada’s sesquicentennial celebrations launch into full swing, I would like to reiterate the Mayor’s request to take pride in our City as we act as ambassadors to the many visitors to our nation’s capital this year. With such iconic events as the Junos and La Machine to look forward to, there is a lot to be proud of.


As such, I would like to invite residents to share with me ideas for Ottawa’s official 2017 time capsule. Each of Ottawa’s 23 wards has been requested to contribute a memento that is truly iconic of our communities to only be opened again in 2067 (Canada’s 200th anniversary celebration). If you have ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Once more, I would like to thank all residents for another great year in the City of Ottawa. Although I can appreciate that there is still room to grow in some areas, working together with community support and feedback is what helps to guide us down the path for a better Ottawa for all. Please do not ever hesitate to share your thoughts with me and I look forward to an even better 2017.