Youth Engagement Committee Campaign


The Ottawa Youth Engagement Committee (Mayor’s Youth Council) is currently hosting a new and exciting campaign in the name of Ottawa 2017. The Committee is giving Ottawa youth the opportunity to submit a profile about themselves for a chance to be featured on the Committee’s various social medias and youth portal.


The Ottawa Youth Engagement Committee will be awarding prizes just for submitting a profile. Youth Ottawa wants to showcase how great Ottawa’s Youth are and I think it would be fantastic if there were some Stittsville faces in the campaign. Your profile doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just talk about yourself and what you do.


To participate, simply visit and submit your profile.


An example profile is:


“When my family arrived as refugees from Iraq in 2002, we did not have any money for anything but the necessities. It was Ottawa’s social programs that helped us survive our first winter, be able to buy school supplies and to put food on the table.


Through my experiences, I was inspired to create the Cuts For Kids Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that provides free haircuts to underprivileged children in Ottawa. Living as a low-income child, I felt like an outsider in my school. My clothes were different, my hair was different, and so I was treated differently. My family’s financial situation then became an issue that affected my self-esteem and well-being. Every child should be provided with equal opportunities to succeed and I want to make sure that these children know that someone is taking time out of their day to show them that they are cared for. In the end, it doesn’t take a lot to make our children feel loved.”


This is a great opportunity for Stittsville youth to show Ottawa how wonderful you are. As your City Councillor, I would love to hear some of your stories as well in celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary. You can send any stories to and please let me know if you would like to see any included in my weekly newsletter. I look forward to reading your submissions!