Q4 By-law Regulatory Services Statistics


I would like to take a moment to supply residents with a breakdown of the quarterly by-law regulatory service request report.

Every three months, by-law services releases a ward-by-ward summary of general request types. These requests range from a multitude of services offered by calling or emailing 3-1-1 (311@ottawa.ca).


By-law & Regulatory Services experienced an overall decrease of 4% in total call volume compared to Q4 of 2015.

The full report for the year can be found by clicking here and Stittsville’s individual report can be found here. You can also review Q4’s individual ward-by-ward report here.


As you can observe, parking was the most-requested by-law item within our ward this year (489) however it only comprised 1.5% of the total city’s parking requests. Alternatively, Stittsville’s greatest reflection against the city as a whole were requests regarding parks (81 requests compared to 82 in 2015) and signs (118 requests compared to 151 in 2015)

Overall, By-law & Regulatory Services experienced an overall decrease of -2% in total call volume in 2016 compared to  2015.

Learning from these trends means that as a City, we will be better equipped for knowing where to invest resources in the future.

I encourage residents to take a moment and see what trends they can spot. Of course, as your City Councillor, I am always keen to hear your well thought-out ideas regarding how to improve our community. You can do so by emailing me at Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca.