Junior Achievement Presentation at Sacred Heart


On Monday, January 16th, I had the pleasure of joining the Junior Achievement (JA) Shareholders meeting for Strings of Strength based out of Sacred Heart High School.


JA Company is a 16 week program where high school students build a real business with the help of mentors.  The students deliver skills in business, leadership, communication, teamwork and other important areas.


The Sacred Heart team comprised of 6 students who took the initiative to create and sell lava bead bracelets and are now leading all 12 JA Companies in sales which is especially remarkable given that they are also the smallest company.


The team presented their achievements at the meeting, speaking about their goals, successes and what they have learned from they experience to use moving forward.


The presentation concluded with $250 of the Sacred Heart team’s profit being donated to Tysen Lefebvre’s Mission to a Million.


This is a fantastic initiative to see our young community leaders take part in and I couldn’t be more proud to see the kinds of change that we can achieve within our communities when we work together to achieve our common goals.


I would like to thank Sacred Heart for getting involved with the program and for getting youth involved in their community. Thank you to Principal Belloni and Murilo Torres (mentor for the JA program) for organizing this.


Congratulations, team, and best of luck with your business moving forward.