Good Food Corner Stores Initiative


Ottawa Public Health is working with community partners to increase fresh produce and other good foods at corner stores in neighbourhoods that residents have barriers to accessing food.


Residents often rely on corner stores (CS) to buy food if they live in a neighbourhood that lacks grocery stores. The most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Ottawa have more CS and less full scale grocery stores per thousand people than the more advantaged neighbourhoods.


In Ottawa, 23 of 39 low-income neighbourhoods are classified as ‘food deserts’ – grocery stores and other food retailers are not available or easily accessible. There are 555 CS in Ottawa. Half of these CS (279) are located in low income neighbourhoods. Thirty seven percent of Ottawa’s residents live in these neighbourhoods.


The Good Food Corner Store Initiative brings fresh, affordable and minimally processed foods to corner stores in neighbourhoods that have barriers to accessing food.


As Chair of the Board of Health, I am thrilled to see this initiative take place and look forward to seeing just what healthy choices we will be seeing in the future. It is my hope that one day, accessible healthy choices be made available to all residents.


For more information on this and other healthy living idea, please visit Ottawa Public Health’s page on the City of Ottawa website here.