Potter’s Key Construction Update


Minto Homes held a Construction Information session on January 11 to continue communication with the adjacent neighbourhoods and offer an opportunity for residents to ask questions to Minto and their construction contractors regarding upcoming construction activities at Potter’s Key.   You can view the PowerPoint Presentation from the meeting here.


At the meeting the representatives emphasized that the property is now an active construction site and public access is prohibited to adhere to safety regulations.  Barriers have been installed at Echowoods Drive, Eagle Crest Heights, Kimpton Drive and Bandelier Way. Construction vehicles will access the site through the temporary construction access road off of Hazeldean Road.


Earthworks program has been initiated by Taggart Construction who is Minto’s contractor for earthworks and servicing for the site. There will be blasting taking place starting the week of January 16th.   I was advised today that the blasting will start on Tuesday January 17 around 9 am, weather permitting. The blasts next week will be interior to the site and more than 75 m from any sensitive structures.


Pre-blasting survey letters have been circulated to affected properties.  Minto has encourage homeowners to participate in the pre-blast survey.   Potter’s Key construction schedule is as follows:


  • Rock Removal – January 15th – March 30th, 2017
  • Rock Crushing – April – June 30th, 2017
  • Servicing (Sewers & Roads) – February – December 2017 (entire subdivision)
  • House Construction – August 2017 to December 2019
  • First Homeowner Moved-In – March 2018


For more information please feel free to contact my office and you may also contact Domenic Idone, Director of Land Development, Minto Communities at didone@minto.com or 613-786-7922.

EDIT: Please make your primary point of contact Minto Communities Construction Manager, Jean-Michel Le Blanc at jleblanc@minto.com, 613-782-5717. Please reach out to Domenic Idone as a secondary contact at didone@minto.com or 613-786-7922.