Bryanston Gate Skating Rink Hut

I am pleased to announce that a dedicated community member has stepped forward to provide supervision to ensure that the Bryanston Gate outdoor rink change room will be open and available 30 hours each week. Alin Yusuf’s name was passed along to the Bryanston Gate Community Association to assist with their efforts to provide rink supervision. When additional support failed to materialize, Alin graciously agreed to assume all supervisional requirements.


The Outdoor Rink Program uses a Supervision Model for rink warming huts/field houses.  The purpose of this model is to prevent and mitigate vandalism.  There are some city locations where community groups maintain a key agreement and the warming hut is opened without a supervisor in place.  These are grandfathered agreements, however our goal is to work with community groups to move towards full implementation of the Supervision Model in the future.  The hut at Bryanston gate has been subjected to historical vandalism with two recent occurrences taking place in October and November which resulted in damages to the building exceeding $5,500. Supervision is a risk management strategy that is required for Bryanston Gate based on historical issues and damage to the building.


Please join me in thanking Alin for providing his time to facilitate community access to a warm change space and a better outdoor ice experience for all users of the Bryanston Gate rink. Rink Supervision will take place Monday-Friday from 3-8pm and weekends from 2-7pm effective Saturday January 6th.