Residential Protective Plumbing Program

On December 19, 2016, the City launched the revised Residential Protective Plumbing Program (RPPP). The Residential Protective Plumbing Program provides financial assistance to qualified Ottawa residents for the installation of protective plumbing devices, such as sump pumps and backwater valves. These devices help prevent stormwater and sewage from entering homes through service connections. The following changes were approved by City Council on February 24, 2016:


  • “Previously flooded” or floodplain requirements have been eliminated. This change provides the opportunity for all interested residents to participate. In addition, the application process has been simplified for both residents and staff.


  • Standardized rebate amounts have been introduced. The change reduces grant variability amongst participants and improves alignment with other Ontario municipalities. The standardized rebates are as follows: o Building Permit – $80

o Closed-circuit television video (CCTV) Sanitary lateral – $100

o Closed-circuit television video (CCTV) Storm lateral – $100

o Indoor Sanitary backwater valve only – $700

o Indoor Storm backwater valve only – $500

o Indoor Sanitary and Storm backwater valve – $1,000

o Outdoor Storm backwater valve only – $1,750

o Sump with battery backup power – $1,250 (high gradient line or flat roof)



  • The CCTV (Closed-circuit television video) inspection requirements have been updated. Current CCTV inspection requirements have been expanded to include the entire sewer lateral from the home’s interior to the street. This provides the necessary information to confirm the condition of the lateral and identify any repairs to be completed in advance of the installation, in an effort to improve lateral operation and further reduce the risk of flooding.


Additionally, communications materials have been updated to improve residents’ awareness between the responsibilities of the homeowner and City of Ottawa. Program information can be found on