Stittsville Event 2017: Fly your Flag

I would like to invite all residents to participate in a very special year-long Ottawa 2017 event which will begin with Stittsville in mind.


On January 1st, 2017, I would like to invite all residents to FLY their FLAG with Canadian pride.


From now moving into 2017, residents are welcome to stop by my ward office in the Goulbourn Recreation Complex (1500 Shea Road) to pick up a small Canadian flag while quantities last. Then, I invite you to email, Facebook, or tweet me photos of your flag proudly on display.


The Canadian flag is one of few that optimally features a living entity such as the Maple Leaf. To me, that is the country of Canada and the community of Stittsville – a living and growing community that takes pride in its spirit.

I encourage you to get creative to make this an event to remember within Stittsville. For instance, you could build a snowman dressed with the Canadian flag in hand or wearing a Canadian hockey jersey; you could use food colouring to paint the flag into your front lawn; you could place flags in your windows, affix them to your pets, photograph them around the community, or even incorporate them decoratively into your clothing. I want to see your imagination, Stittsville, to set the trend for the rest of Canada to catch on.


I would like to thank our MPs, Karen McCrimmon and Pierre Poilievre, for lending their support to this project by offering to donate flags to my office. If you have flags from previous years around the house, I also encourage you to bring them out for what is certain to be a phenomenal year to showcase your national pride.


As the year progresses, I will assemble the photos in an album to commemorative this year in the most Canadian way! Fly your flag with pride, Stittsville!