Site alteration activity north of Jackson Trails


Recently, some residents raised concern with the construction work they witnessed taking place on the property that is located north of Jackson Trails subdivision and the Potter’s Key development land.


The City’s Planning Department has advised that their City forester has attended the site, and identified that there was brush clearing in the area. He confirmed through his site visit that the activities taking place would not require a permit under the Urban Tree Conservation Bylaw.

Property owners have a right to undertake some site alteration of their own land outside of the development process, provided they are complying with relevant bylaws and legislation and are not having a negative effect on property owners downstream of them. The City does not have a role in policing these activities where the landowners are not breaking any bylaws and there has been no demonstrable impact on other landowners.  There are currently no planning development applications that have been submitted for the site.


The Planning Department did contact the owner and they noted that they are clearing out some small brush on their lands. They indicated that the land was cleared a number of years ago, and that there are no large trees on the site. They noted they have had issues with people trespassing lately and starting fires which has prompted the need for them to undertake this work.