West Ridge Drive Parking Concept Plan


As mentioned in my column last week, Snowmobile use is not permitted on the Trans Canada Trail between Terry Fox and West Ridge Drive. That said, it is still permitted west of West Ridge.


This week, I have been speaking with traffic staff in an effort to resolve some of the parking conflicts that occur within this area for vehicles left behind for snowmobilers. This parking concept plan would implement available parking intended for the use of (but not limited to) snowmobilers between Abbott St West and Eliza Crescent (see image above or for larger image, please click here).


It is my hopes that this strategy will help to clear some of the parking congestion on Abbott during winter months while still allotting a place for recreational activists to make the most of the snowy weather.


At this point in time, it is important to state that this is a project which is still in the works and would only be implemented pending positive community reception and available funding. As such, I am looking for community feedback as to whether or not such a parking plan would be supported or discouraged by residents in and around the area.


I am interested in hearing about your opinion and thoughts to the concept plan and cost, which is currently estimated to be around $80,000.


Please email all correspondence to Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca or post on my facebook page.