Planning Committee Zoning By-Law Amendment – Part of 570 Hazeldean Road

Description of site and surroundings

The site is part of a vacant 36.2 hectare parcel within the Fernbank Community that was draft-approved in September 2015 for a residential subdivision of approximately 600 homes, together with two parks, a stormwater management pond block and open space corridor. Lands to the east and west are subject to plans of subdivision for future residential development, while to the south are the Trans Canada Trail and a residential subdivision.


Summary of requested Zoning By-law amendment proposal

The property was rezoned in December 2015 to permit a residential subdivision. The residential portion of the subdivision is zoned R3YY[2317], allowing detached, semi-detached and townhouse dwellings, with the site-specific exception denoting specific provisions for setbacks and permitted projections.


The district park and community park proposed were zoned Parks and Open Space (O1). Since the zoning by-law was enacted, the Plan of Subdivision has been revised to replace the one community park with two smaller parks. The zoning must be revised to reflect the new park layout, with an area of Parks and Open Space (O1) rezoned to Residential Third Density (R3YY[2317]) and an area of Residential Third Density (R3YY[2317]) rezoned to Parks and Open Space (O1).


The applicant has also requested the lifting of a holding provision applicable to two blocks in the subdivision, zoned R3YY[2317]-h. The ‘h’ was placed on lands adjacent to the stormwater management pond block. The ‘h’ was intended to be lifted once the applicant could demonstrate that the stormwater pond block was of sufficient size and the additional lands were not required.


For more information please review the Planning Committee Report here.