5618 Hazeldean Road Proposed Development


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The City of Ottawa has received a Zoning By-law Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision to permit a residential subdivision containing a variety of housing types as well as parks, a school site, stormwater management pond block and commercial development. This proposal is based on the Fernbank Community Design Plan (CDP) adopted by City Council in 2009.


This development will provide a variety of residential units and amenity space in the subdivision. In addition, it will also benefit the greater community with the extension of Robert Grant Avenue to connect to Hazeldean Road. This is an important piece of transportation infrastructure for the whole community and eventually this road will connect further north to Palladium to provide another direct access to Highway 417.


Plan of Subdivision Proposal Details

The proposed development contains approximately 1845 residential dwelling units made up of low, medium and high density housing types placed in a modified grid street pattern. The low density residential blocks are located in the central portion of the subdivision and are comprised of detached, semi-detached and townhouse dwellings. The medium density residential blocks, located along Robert Grant Avenue, stacked units and low-rise apartments. The high density residential block is located at the intersection of Abbott Street and Robert Grant Avenue, in proximity to a future transit station.


The mixed use blocks located along Hazeldean Road and Robert Grant Avenue will accommodate a variety of commercial or office uses to serve the needs of the community and a neighbourhood commercial block is located on the west side of Robert Grant Avenue. There are blocks for an elementary school, a park and ride, a stormwater management pond, four 0.8-ha parks and open space corridors along the watercourse and Hydro transmission corridor.


The proposed street network is based on the Fernbank CDP Demonstration Plan. Robert Grant Avenue will provide a north-south arterial from Abbott Street East to Hazeldean Road and Abbott Street East will extend from Robert Grant Avenue to the easterly limit of the property. Street No. 3 will also extend from Robert Grant Avenue to the easterly boundary of the site, connecting with a collector street in the subdivision to the east.


Requested Zoning By-Law Amendment Proposal Details

Requested Zoning By-Law Amendment Proposal Details The Subject Property will be rezoned from Development Reserve (DR) to a range of zones to permit the proposed subdivision, including: Residential Second Density (R2), Residential Third Density (R3), Residential Fourth Density (R4), Residential Fifth Density (R5), Minor Institutional (I1), Parks and Open Space (O1), Arterial Mainstreet (AM), Local Commercial (LC) and Major Leisure Facility (L2).


For more information please visit my website or contact my office.  For questions and to provide comments by January 5, 2017 please contact myself and the City Planner Kathy Rygus at Kathy.Rygus@ottawa.ca or 613-580-2424, ext. 28318.


Please note there will also be a public meeting held in the community on this development that will be arranged for a date in the new year. Residents are encouraged to provide comments at this time and at the public meeting residents will be provided another opportunity to also share their comments on the proposed development.