Municipal Alcohol Policy

This week at Council, I put forward a motion recommending an amendment to the proposed Municipal Alcohol Policy put forward by Community and Protective Services Committee.

My amendment would include guidelines as set forth by the Board of Health to ensure a revised Guide document would be part of the documentation given by the City under the City’s Municipal Alcohol Policy to every sponsor or organization putting forward an event application. This document would include Health and Safety information on:

  • Important facts about alcohol and controlling excessive consumption, including best public health practices to reduce harms from overconsumption of alcohol;
  • References to information, best practices and other resources of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario;
  • Providing food for the duration of the event, where alcohol is served
  • Providing alternative non-alcoholic beverages, including the provision of water to event participants;
  • Special considerations for serving alcohol;
  • Reducing the risk of injury, liability or property damage; and
  • Safe transportation options and recommendations

Councillor Brockington and Councillor Deans also put forward amendments to the policy. Councillor Brockington recommended a change be made to allow profit from the sale of alcohol in small events with less than 300 attendants while Councillor Deans recommended clarifications in the wording of the policy for coherence.

The motions were all carried and staff will meet with the Federation of Community Associations to review the Policy and its implementation before reporting back to the Community and Protective Services Committee at the end of 2017.