Zoning for 570 Hazeldean Road

The City of Ottawa has received an application for a Zoning By-Law Amendment (file no. D02-02-16-0091) proposing to realign a zoning boundary to reflect a revised park configuration and lift a holding provision within the Plan of Subdivision at 570 Hazeldean Road.

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The subject lands within the Fernbank Community Design Plan area and are located between the Trans-Canada Trail and Hazeldean Road, west of Terry Fox Drive.

The entire subdivision is approximately 36.2 hectares in size and is currently vacant. Immediately north of the subject site is the Kevin Haime Golf Centre. To the east is a tributary of the Carp River, the Glen Cairn Stormwater Management Facility and lands to be developed as a residential subdivision. The Trans-Canada Trail is immediately south of the subject site and further south is a residential community. To the west of the subject site are lands that are subject to future development as a residential subdivision.

The draft-approved Plan of Subdivision proposed approximately 600 dwelling units made up of a mix of detached homes, townhouses, back-to-back townhouses, a dictrict park and a community park, an open space corridor and a small segment of an elementary school site.

This rezoning application is based on discussions with City staff regarding the Building Better and Smarter Suburbs initiative. It is proposed to reduce the size of the community park and instead add a second park at the northern end of the subdivision to enhance the accessibility and useability of the park space.

The proposal would reduce the southern park from the original size of 0.8 hectares to 0.45 hectares and develop the remainder of the former park with lots for detached dwellings. This portion of the park is to be rezoned from Parks and Open Space (O1) to Residential Third Density Zone R3YY[2317]. The new northerly park has an area of 0.35 hectares and occupies land originally intended for detached dwellings. This area is to be rezoned from Residential Third Density Zone (R3YY[2317]) to Parks and Open Space Zone(O1). The area of park space remains the same.

The applicant has also requested the lifting of a holding provision from the R3YY[2317]-h Zone for two blocks adjacent to the stormwater management block. The holdng provision was put in place to prevent development of the two blocks until it had been confirmed through detailed engineering design that the extra blocks were not needed for an expansion to the stormwater management block. This has been demonstrated, so the ‘h’ may be lifted.

For information on the Plan of Subdivision please visit here.

If you have any questions or comments please contact myself and City Planner, Kathy Rygus at Kathy.Rygus@ottawa.ca or 613-580-2424 x28318.