Stittsville Walk Update – New Traditional Design

I have received an update regarding the Stittsville Walk development located at 1491 Stittsville Main Street.  The Development Review Services Branch has advised they have received the signed site plan agreement and all securities, and have issued a Commence Work Notification for that the owner may begin underground servicing.

You can review the site plan and building elevations by following the links below:

Site Plan

Elevations Front/Rear

Elevations Side


Working with my office and the City Planning Department, the developer has revised all elevations to reflect the more traditional architecture as noted in the elevations that have been provided. Building B at the rear of the site is also being revised to provide individual garages and driveways rather than the surface parking shown on the approved site plan.  In addition, I have also requested they provide their plans for updating the current building on the site to ensure it too follows a more traditional design.  Once the revised plans are received, the City will replace the previously-approved plans with these revised plans prior to registration of the agreement, so that they form part of the agreement. The building permit will be issued on the basis of these newer plans.

I am very pleased with the traditional design of these units as I feel this will be a much better fit with the village feel of Stittsville.  I will continue to update the community as I have more information regarding the development and I have also requested the development timelines for the site as well.

For more details on the approved plans for this development please visit review my update from September 16 available here.