Ottawa 2017 Postcard Initiative


In May 2015, students from each of the four school boards from grades 3 to 6 were invited to participate in the creation of the “official” Ottawa 2017 postcard collection.

Now, the postcards have been printed and it is time to invite students and residents alike to share them with loved ones across the country to join Ottawa in celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary.

I, along with my City Councillor colleagues, will be visiting schools in our respective wards within the upcoming weeks to share the post cards, designed by students from their own school board, and send them to family and friends living in different areas of Canada.

I will happily be joining Stittsville Public School for this introductory event, however, all elementary schools will be receiving the post cards and are welcomed to join in the fun.

Post cards must be completed by November 18th and teachers will mail them out by December 16th.