City Seeking Public Input on Commemorative Naming Proposals

The City of Ottawa Commemorative Naming Committee is conducting online public consultations on eight naming proposals. I am happy to inform residents that of these, four are presently being considered for Stittsville.

These applications for Commemorative Naming have been submitted to the City and have been approved to undertake the consultation phase of the commemorative naming process.  Some of these suggestions came forward during the street re-naming review in Stittsville and I have been working with the City to select locations for these commemorative naming.

The deadline for submitting comments online is December 18, 2016 and I would like to encourage all residents to share their thoughts on these proposals as these are all future parks which will hopefully entertain local families for many years to come. The proposals for our ward are as follows:

Joe Lewis Park

In recognition of his historical significance to the community of Stittsville, the City of Ottawa has been asked to name a future park at Potter’s Key Subdivision, 6111 and 6141 Hazeldean Road, “Joe Lewis Park”.

Joe Lewis moved to Stittsville in 1906. He worked on various jobs in the area until the opportunity arose to rent a property and open his own grocery, flour and feed business on Main Street.

In 1911, Joe Lewis purchased another Main Street store where he sold a wide variety of goods from footwear and hats to shingles and coal. Joe’s customers came from all over Stittsville and Goulbourn Township. Joe’s other accomplishments in the community include installing the first hand-pumped gasoline service to Stittsville, and creating the first “taxi” service in the area by offering horse and buggy transportation for train passengers.

W.J. Bell Rotary Peace Park

In recognition of the extensive community service of W.J. Bell, the City of Ottawa has been asked to re-name Bell Memorial Park at 1751 Stittsville Main Street “W.J. Bell Rotary Peace Park”.

W.J. Bell donated the park land with the aim that it be enjoyed for generations to come. While not a Rotarian himself, Bell’s next of kin, Grace Bell, is a charter member of the Rotary Club of Ottawa-Stittsville. Bell’s family and the Stittsville Rotary Club brought forward the name change in order to reflect the objectives of encouraging and fostering peace.

The proposed name “W.J. Bell Rotary Peace Park” reflects the aims of the Peace Park housed within the park, while continuing to commemorate W. J. Bell himself.

Albert Argue Black Park

In recognition of his historical significance to the community of Stittsville, the City of Ottawa has been asked to name a future park at 735 Rosehill Avenue, “Albert Argue Black Park”.

Albert Argue Black’s family has long ties to the community. The original Black family home on Huntmar Drive was settled in the early 1800s.

The first meeting of the Village of Stittsville was held in January 1961. Albert became a Councillor for the new village and continued in the position for several years until Reeve Silas C. Bradley retired. Albert was elected Reeve and held the position until Stittsville was amalgamated into Goulbourn Township in 1974.

Albert also served his community by holding positions on the boards of Carleton Place Hospital and Carleton Cathcart Apartments. Albert coached baseball and hockey in the community and was on the committee to build the first community centre in the village.

Ray McCaffrey Park

In recognition of Ray McCaffrey’s demonstrated excellence, courage and exceptional community service, the City of Ottawa has been asked to name a future park at 170 Hickstead Way, within the new residential development at 1921 Stittsville Main Street, “Ray McCaffrey Park”.

A long-time resident of Stittsville, Ray McCaffrey was heavily involved in the growth and development of the town. Ray served the community as the Fire Chief from 1959 to 1967.Ray also volunteered extensively in the community and helped build the Johnny Laroux Arena (formerly known as Stittsville Arena).

To view these proposals online and to provide input, please visit