7 ways to stay party-safe for Halloween


Halloween is quickly approaching and Ottawa Public Health has some great tips for you to plan your event to be safe and enjoyable.

Overdoses, whether from drugs, alcohol or a combination of both, are completely preventable and could put you in the hospital this October 31st.

It’s rarely known to the user or the dealer what’s in a party drug such as cocaine. If you don’t trust the origins of anything being ingested into your body, the safest choice is to just say no. Cocaine cut with Fentanyl, an opiate drug 100 X stronger than morphine, has been found in Ottawa and puts users at an extremely high risk of overdose death, especially if you don’t know you’re taking it.

  1. It’s never a good idea to mix. Using more than one drug at a time increases the risk of overdose. Don’t forget alcohol is a drug! If you are planning to drink, don’t add in other substances.
  2. Stay hydrated and take breaks. Especially if dancing. If you’re drinking alcohol, try to alternate your drinks with water.
  3. Don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know. Not even water! There is an increased risk of alcohol- and drug-facilitated sexual assaults at any large event.
  4. Stay with your group. Stick with people you trust and plan ahead by choosing a meeting spot if you get separated.
  5. Speak up! Don’t be afraid to say you feel unsafe or don’t feel well. You may need some down time; seek help from your friends or bar staff.
  6. Plan a safe ride home. Plan how you’ll get home BEFORE the party, especially if you don’t have a designated driver; plan your bus route or cab ride in advance. And remember…impaired walking or cycling is not a safe way to get home.
  7. Do you know how to spot an overdose? If you see these signs, get help for yourself or a friend:
  • Slow, shallow or difficulty breathing and/ or bluish lips
  • Changes in their level of consciousness including confusion
  • Inability to walk or loss of balance
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures

From my office to you, please remember to be safe within your own comfortable limits this Halloween and never do drugs and drive.

For tips from the Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines, please click here.

For any other information, please visit: http://OttawaPublicHealth.ca or call the Ottawa Public Health Information Line at: 613-560-6744