Winter operations equipment training begins


To prepare for winter operations, the City of Ottawa has begun driver training for the operation of snow-clearing equipment.

On-street training began October 3rd. It will take place close to City of Ottawa Public Works yards in Kanata, Orleans, and Manotick and will run until November 30th. Some limited on-road sidewalk plow training will also be done in the area of 911 Industrial Road.

Winter driver training starts in the classroom with instruction on roadway safety, equipment orientation, operating principles and operation of the vehicle attachments. Trainees then move to supervised closed-course practice at City facilities and parking lots. The sessions conclude with on-street practical training with an instructor supervising the trainees at all times.

All winter operations vehicles used for training will display driver training signs on the rear and both sides of the vehicle so keep your eyes out and have patience as there’s a good chance you will be seeing them again this winter to help you in the snowstorms yet to come.