Village Square Park Gazebo

In last week’s column, I was pleased to announce a new gazebo that is coming to Village Square Park.

Last fall, I asked residents for their ideas on strategic initiatives to be implemented in parks and this is just one of the many projects I have been looking into the possibility of implementing from those suggestions.

I pursued this idea as the community has been asking for a performance area in this park for some time, and this gazebo will provide another feature in the park for outdoor events. The gazebo, which is 16×16 square feet, will be raised to provide a stage and it will be accessible to all residents with electrical connections available for power.

The budget for this project runs at $105,000. $80,000 of that was provided through my cash in lieu of parkland fund for Ward 6 with an additional $25,000 provided by Waste Management.

I would like to thank Waste Management for this donation and also send a thank you to the project team for working with my office to put this item together. I also want to thank those community members that brought this project to my attention, particularly Valerie Wright who provided the initial idea which was reinforced during our most recent consultations with the community on park improvements.

The gazebo should be installed by November 1st. I look forward to providing new updates on this project as they occur.