Ontario Municipal Board Review


The province is undertaking a comprehensive review of how the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) operates and its role in the province’s land-use planning system to help make it more efficient and more accessible to all Ontarians.

The OMB plays a central role in Ontario’s land-use planning process as an independent, public body through which people can appeal or defend land-use decisions that affect their property or community.

As part of the review, the government is consulting the public on possible changes to the OMB that, if adopted, would:

  • Allow for more meaningful and affordable public participation
  • Give more weight to local and provincial decisions and support alternative ways to settle disputes
  • Bring fewer municipal and provincial decisions to the OMB
  • Support clearer and more predictable decision making

This has been a longstanding concern of mine and as over the years OMB decisions have affected our community, I do encourage Stittsville residents to share their comments for this review.

I would like to thank our MPP Yasir Naqvi for working on this item and I look forward to seeing how the changes will affect our City’s planning process. For more detailed information and the opportunity to comment please visit here