New Permanent Signs on Private Property By-Law



A new Permanent Signs on Private Property By-law was approved by Council this week. The By-law, which expands on the existing By-law 2005-439 available here, builds upon the one presented to Planning Committee on July 12th and Council on August 31st but will correct some obscurities as to what constitutes the definition of a “sign”. Additionally, measures have been put in place to gauge where signs can/should be placed on property lines.

I hope that these changes help to clarify some confusion in the existing by-law. A summary of key changes in the new By-law can be found here however for convenience, some of the major changes include:

  • A new provision has been added to clarify that a strobe or other flashing external light used to draw attention to a permanent sign is prohibited.
  • The definition of “sign” has been revised to clarify the intent of the By-law to regulate signs that provide identification of, or information on businesses, institutions and other organizations, and on goods, services or activities available to or of interest to the public.
  • Large shopping centres (as defined in the By-law) outside the greenbelt are permitted a message centre up to 7.5 m2 in area, if the sign is located 50 m from a signalized intersection, pedestrian crossing and railway crossing.
  • Digital and static billboards are subject to a 150 m separation distance from a static billboard regardless of which side of the street the billboards are on.

It is expected that the new By-law will be enacted by Council on October 12, 2016 and take effect on that date.

Should you have any questions about this new By-law, please do not hesitate to contact my office at